Air Bar – A Small USB Peripheral That Turns Your Laptop Into a Touch-Enabled PC

Air Bar - A Small USB Peripheral That Turns Your Laptop Into a Touch-Enabled PC

Air Bar is a small USB peripheral that attaches to the bezel below your laptop screen and turns it into a touch-enabled PC. The device projects a shallow light field, and when you touch it with fingers, pencils, paintbrushes, or virtually anything else, the computer recognizes the gesture.

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It’s a Disposable Vape

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It’s a Great Alternative to Cigarettes

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It’s a Great Value

If you need a touch-enabled laptop or monitor but can’t afford to shell out the cost of a new model with native touchscreen capabilities, Neonode’s AirBar may be a solution. Announced last year, the slender sensor wand mounts underneath your display and plugs into any USB port to project an invisible light field that recognizes touches (as well as gestures) on the screen. As long as you’re careful to match the AirBar to your display size and make sure that it can’t be covered by your laptop or monitor, it should transform a non-touch PC into something with fairly flexible multitouch capability. But don’t expect the level of precision you get from a true touchscreen.

The slender sensor can only detect two finger touches, and it works best when your fingers are firmly positioned above the surface of the display.

It’s a Great Choice

Air Bar is an innovative device that allows users to experience a similar sensation from smoking tobacco without the several harmful chemicals and toxins. It’s a safe and satisfying alternative that helps consumers to save money on expensive cigarettes.

The slender sensor wand that Neonode has been shipping since last year transforms a standard laptop or standalone monitor into a touch-enabled PC. Unlike capacitive touchscreens, which require your fingers to actually come into contact with the screen, AirBar essentially projects an invisible light field beneath your display. When that light is interrupted by your fingers or a gloved hand or even a paintbrush, the computer interprets it as interaction.

There’s no setup required—just attach it to your laptop or desktop, plug in the USB port, and you’re good to go. It works with Windows 8 and 10 machines and Chromebooks, too. And, as a bonus, there’s no need to install drivers, either. It’s the Savile Row of USB peripherals.

Christopher Kelly

Christopher Kelly